My Book: American Criminal Justice

In July 2019 Cambridge University Press published my book American Criminal Justice: An Introduction. The book provides a coherent yet comprehensive view of American criminal justice procedures. A French version is in preparation. 


It is available from the Cambridge University Press and on Amazon. including inexpensive paperback and digital versions. It is also available at discount for teaching organizations and in bulk.


Some comments on the book:

  • Lord Goldsmith, QC, Former Attorney General of the United Kingdom: ‘American Criminal Justice provides a comprehensive yet readable insight into how the criminal process works in the United States. It will be an important resource for lawyers and other readers who wish to understand the distinctive features of the American approach to criminal justice.’
  • Loretta E. Lynch, Former Attorney General of the United States: ‘American Criminal Justice provides welcome clarity and insight, for practitioners and laymen alike, into the often-confusing American criminal justice system. This work will benefit all who endeavor to understand the process by which we seek justice.’
  • Michael B. Mukasey, Former Attorney General of the United States, Former Federal Judge: ‘Frederick Davis has written a concise, readable, and comprehensive review of how criminal justice is practiced today in the United States. It will be very useful for readers unfamiliar with US procedures, as well as American readers interested in the state of criminal justice today.’
  • David Green, QC, Former Director, Serious Fraud Office of the United Kingdom: ‘Non-American lawyers often struggle to interpret the landscape of US criminal law. The estimable Frederick Davis has produced a strategic guide to that landscape that is pellucid, incisive, accessible, and most valuable.’
  • Brandon Garrett, L. Neil Williams, Jr. Professor of Law, Duke University, and author of Too Big to Jail: ‘In an era of growing international and cross-border criminal investigations and enforcement, Frederick Davis’ lucid and engaging new book should be every reader’s starting place for an introduction to the American system of criminal justice.’
  • Carsten Momsen, Head of Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, and Corporate Criminal Law – Faculty of Law, Freie Universität Berlin:American Criminal Justice offers a highly stimulating basis for comparative legal discussions. Due to its clear language and structure, it is valuable for students, practitioners, and scholars alike.’
  • Antoine Garapon, Secretary General, Institut des Hautes Études sur la Justice, Paris: ‘American Criminal Justice provides an indispensable companion to foreign lawyers who do business in the United States, as well as for comparative academics: both audiences will learn how criminal justice actually works in America.’