What I Do

I provide clients and fellow lawyers with independent, efficient, focused, and experienced assistance in areas where my background can help them.  

  • Strategic evaluation of risk. If an organization or individual faces the risk of criminal investigation/prosecution in more than one country, it is absolutely critical to develop an initial global strategy — and to do so quickly.  This will in most cases involve evaluating the danger level of the threat, identifying the countries that may become involved, and prioritizing the risks.  I can provide such a preliminary analysis, efficiently and on a confidential basis — before the need to commit to a defense strategy and incurring extraordinary expense. 
  • Coordination of counsel.  A multi-pronged investigation often means finding and working with savvy lawyers who know local law and (even more important) local practice. Coordinating such talent acting under different professional regimes can raise unusual problems.  Practicing criminal law under completely different legal procedures, and in more than one language, has given me practical insights into this challenge; and my academic work has focused on precisely this issue, on which I have written extensively.  I have extensive and excellent relationships with noted criminal practice specialists around the world, drawn from practice, academic experience, and leadership-level participation in organizations such as the International Bar Association and the International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators. 
  • Second opinion.  A company facing the threat of criminal prosecution will at some point need to commit to a defensive plan.  Is it the best one?  I can provide fellow lawyers and senior corporate leadership with confidential and efficient advice.  My goal is not to “second guess,” but to help decision-makers optimize their strategy.  
  • Expert opinion.  I can provide expert opinions, in English or in French, to explain one country’s criminal justice peculiarities in proceedings in another country. 
  • Training.  I have organized and run extensive and successful trial advocacy training seminars in both English and French.  I can efficiently design and run programs to provide common-sense understanding of the rapidly growing risks run by international organizations. 
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