Columbia Law School colloquy on transnational law enforcement [Video]

On November 12, 2020, I moderated a (virtual) discussion about current developments in cross-border law enforcement that I think was lively and interesting. You will see a video recording of it (a bit under one hour).

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The two principal participants were Zainab Ahmad, now a partner at Gibson Dunn and for many years a leading prosecutor with the Department of Justice, including a stint with the Special Counsel’s office under Robert Mueller, and Andy Levander, a well-known criminal defense attorney and Chair of the Policy Committee of the Dechert law firm.

The discussion included commentary by two Columbia stars, Professor Daniel Richman and Berit Berger, who directs the very important Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity at Columbia.

Our back-and-forth discussion focused on new challenges posed by the “globalization” of criminal activity and developing strategies among prosecutors’ offices around the world.