After more than 30 years practicing law as a partner in large firms in the United States and Europe, I have established my own practice under the name of Fred Davis Law Office LLC.  My goal is to provide independent, efficient and strategic assistance in complex criminal investigations, especially in the rapidly growing field of cross-border, multi-jurisdictional prosecutions.

Crimes cross borders, and national prosecutors and investigators increasingly work across borders, too. Evaluating the risk of criminal prosecution, and developing the optimum strategy to respond, will inevitably fail unless procedural, practical and cultural differences in national regimes are recognized. In many cases, acting quickly is key to avoid losing strategic opportunities.

My background practicing law on two continents gives me tools to evaluate these risks, and help develop an optimum strategy. I can now do so on a nimble, independent, and cost-efficient basis.

In addition to describing what I do, I hope that this site will serve as a blog where you and others can share ideas about this rapidly-growing field. You will see the “News” page later in this site, where I will enter news if I think it may be of interest, and welcome comments and thoughts.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so in via the “Contact” page of this site, or you can write me at freddavislawoffice@gmail.com.