Republication in Germany and France of My Article on Deferred Prosecution Agreements

In the Publications page, and here, you will see an ambitious article I wrote in 2022 that was published by the wonderful Columbia Journal of Transnational Law.  If offers a review of corporate deferred prosecution agreements in the country where the procedure was invented (the United States) and in several other countries, including the United Kingdom and France, that have adopted them.  The article focuses on the very different degrees to which such agreements are subject to judicial review and control, and explores what impact these differences may have.

The article has been republished, in English together with a French “synthèse,” in the Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Financier, and also in the German scholarly publication Kriminalpolitische Zeitschrift.  The German republication was accompanied by a fascinating short analysis of my article by noted scholar Carsten Momsen.