Discussion of Criminal Investigations of Donald Trump

Like everyone else, I have been fascinated by the range of potential – and now, actual – criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, and I have been regularly asked to speak about them, in French and English, on European television.  You will see here an on-air interview, in English, done on the wonderful France24 network in June 2023 shortly after Trump’s (first) federal indictment.   It ran a little longer than the usual “sound bite” format, and got into some interesting detail.  In May, I gave a short presentation in Switzerland, to a mostly European audience, where I attempted to provide an overview of the evolving cases against Trump, and you will see my PowerPoint from that event here.

Keep in mind of course that this situation is moving rapidly, and these comments will soon be out of date.

Needless to say, I would be very interested in your ideas on this. I firmly believe that it is a crucial test of the American criminal justice system.